Somaya Reece Is On The Insider’s Weight Loss Wednesday Segment Tonight On CBS

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Fresh off last weeks Insider segment “Sound Off” Somaya Reece sits down with Mz Gossip Girl ‘s Nina Parker to discuss her weight loss transformation, launching her fitness brand, battles with eating disorders and Fitness With Friends.

Weight Loss Wednesday airs tonight on CBS at 7pm Westcoast & East Coast time zones!

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Somaya Reece Films For The Insider On CBS

Somaya Reece continues to publicly speak about her struggle with weight loss through social media, schools, weight loss centers and many other outlets. Somaya is currently writing a book “30 Days To Fabulous” where she brings you what she calls ”A Realistic Approach To Fitness” due for release mid 2014. The Insider on CBS has begun a weekly segment called “Weight Loss Wednesday” where they highlight inspiring weight loss stories. Somaya’s fans wrote to The Insider telling them about her story via social media. While catching whim of this, Somaya submitted her photos and story of losing over 10 dress sizes to The Insider via social media Twitter & Instagram. On February 12th, 2014, Somaya Reece was chosen as the highlighted inspirational weight loss story on their segment the “Sound Off”, the Sound Off was presented by the fabulous Mz Gossip Girl. We are ecstatic to tell the fans that there will be a follow up story on Somaya’s weight loss. It will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Somaya Reece Writes Fitness Book “30 Days To Fabulous” A Realistic Approach To Fitness

Former cast member and star of  Vh1’s Love And Hip Hop New York Somaya Reece is due to launch a fitness brand beginning with a book “30 Days To Fabulous!” The difference between Somaya Reece’s book and other fitness books is that she brings you a REAL approach to fitness gimmick free. 30 Days To Fabulous is just that, A REALISTIC APPROACH TO FITNESS!

“Being someone who publicly gained double my body size and lost it. I am bringing you a REAL story from a real person. I went from a plus sized 18 to a now size 8 medium without personal trainers or surgeons. I did it by trial and error. When I gained weight I was made fun of by millions publicly, I was at my heaviest on National television! I was the topic of conversation as the “girl that got fat” I was heckled, I was told I’m shaped like a garbage truck, I was called a fat pig, I was told I “fell off”, I had websites and blogs dedicated to making fun of my weight gain. I was viciously ripped a part every day for my weight gain. Yet did I give up? NO! I used the negative critique to fuel my fire. This book is meant to  help REAL people dealing with REAL struggles, male and female.  My book will show you how to realistically reach your fitness goals without giving up. Celebrity or not, I am human and I struggle.  I am not afraid to share my story with full transparency in order to help you reach your fitness goals. How many times have you failed by trying celebrity fad diets? How many times have you found yourself lost with no idea where to start? How many fitness books have been made where they don’t tell you the REAL? They only show you the results. They try to sell you products that don’t work. They don’t discuss the everyday struggles and how to overcome them. My book will show you all of that. It will be easy to read and simple to follow, gimmick free!”

30 Days To Fabulous, A Realistic Approach To Fitness by Somaya Reece, will be releasing early 2014 by LFF Publishing.


Fitness With Friends

Fitness With Friends goes cross country! Sign up to be a part of a once in a life time experience, workout  with Vh1′s Somaya Reece and learn personal fitness tips directly from her. Fitness with Friends will travel throughout the United States with one core mission, to help fight obesity city to city through fitness education, seminars and group exercise. In conjunction with Fitness With Friends, Somaya’s fitness book “30 Days To Fabulous” A Realistic Approach To Fitness, launches early 2014 with a book signing tour.  

Get ready for a fun life changing fitness experience. We look forward to helping you reach all your fitness goals!

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