Firstly i’m grateful to be on 2 seasons of a hit show on Vh1 – Love And Hip Hop. My purpose of being on this show was to build a  platform and take the success to a new height! As any FOCUSED individual  should do if given a chance to be on a hit show with 5 million weekly viewers. Vh1  introduced me to a new audience outside of the audience I had already built throughout the years. I am very thankful for this Gracias A Dios :)

Fast forward……..I got exactly what I have been looking for,  you only  saw  a fraction of it on  the show. Although I would have LOVED for you to see my journey, I have my website , Twitter and Facebook to keep you updated. I got my deal (indy) investment,  I went to L.A, Boston & Denver signed several awesome deals for TV, a publisict, brand management, working on my book, and acting. Met with a few casting directors that I will be working with directly. I left town on a mission and I was blessed!

1  particular  thing  i’m excited about, I have a MAJOR talent agency representing me now. And  **drum roll please**  an awesome brand manager with a lot of experience.  I now have a very experienced team that represent big celebrities! So they know what to do with me in order for me to go reach the top. They work with many of your favorite stars and are hands on with everything involving their brand. My musical team is impeccable, Midi Mafia, KMG, and  Richy Pena. My new musical sound is SOLID and is moving good numbers so far. I must say, 2012 is starting off with a big bang !!!!

I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ? ? ? My team as a whole is 100% committed to me & my project, they care, and they are TUFF. I’m grateful that I found everything I needed to move my name & music. Don’t get it twisted tho, now comes the hard work and I am ready for it :)

I also re connected with my  close friends whom of course I stay in touch with, but I haven’t seen since I left L.A. My mom was so happy to see me, I didn’t tell her I was coming I just popped up in my house and she flipped out of happiness. She was like “are you back here for good” awwwwww I love her. So yeah, my move to NY, I literally called my only  East Coast friend at the time Cito (from season 1) and said I was sick of not finding this Latin musical sound I was looking for so I was going to drop everything and leave to NY. He thought I was crazy, so did my mother, my father freaked out, my sisters cried, but I knew I just had to do this  if I was going to pursue my dream 100% Can you believe it has been two years since I came to NY with nothing but a dream, a suitcase, no home to live in, leaving my entire family and home behind???? I can’t either! lol But I firmly believe without risk, you will only look back at your life and wonder…..WHAT IF?

Thank you everyone for your support through this journey. The girl that came to NY with 1 suitcase and no place to live :) It took forever, years of extreme sacrifice but. Here I am…..


My 2o12 highlight moment: Missy Elliott is my musical inspiration, she broke down all the barriers that Hollywood built, she is an inspiration to the youth and her story is touching, she has overcome so much I just love and relate to her so much.  I was on Twitter late last night writing to fans and I tweeted her. I seriously had NO IDEA she would even read to or have any clue who little ole me was. To my SHOCK she tweeted me back, I literally shed a tear and screamed.  I am so humbled and still smiling so big right now. It’s official! My 2012 is now off to a GREAT start and you can’t tell me nothin!!!!!! **Nas Voice** lol  I’m going into overdrive in my work. She is a LEGEND and did not have to even acknowledge my existence but she did. I feel so motivated to grind harder than before. It is inspiring that such a  MASSIVE musical  legend is so humble,  sweet, and congratulated another artist for  their hard work. What a classy woman. Pinch me please??

This is the most awesomest year EVER! And it just started…..


  1. summerluv

    January 19, 2012 (08:20)

    Miss Somaya!! You are doing it big hon! I admit I didn’t really know what to expect from you because during the show there was some intense hateration going on between you/ the other castmates. (I like Chrissy cuz she keeps it real, but she sometimes needs to chill/ not be so pissed ALL the damn time! Olivia, I wanna root for, but she’s not grindin as hard as she needs to be/ thinks she’s on this higher level that doesn’t exist! She also seems a lil 2 faced..)
    Anyway, after seeing you go out and do your thing on Love&Hip Hop, I said” wow! You have to give the girl her credit!” You made it CLEAR that Somaya WILL NOT be denied! You a true boss, la jefa! And your music is hot! I don’t really get into the reggaeton too much because of the beats sounding repetitive/ I’m not hispanic so I don’t understand much spanish. But the thing about your music is that it doesn’t get pigeonholed into one box. If they play it in the club, everybody would be dancing to it. It fills a niche that is really void right now. Like where are all the female MC’s?! Nicki Minaj is cool, but there are more talented female rappers with different styles but they don’t get the shine they need. You are parlaying the exposure from LHH and using it to catapult your brand into success! And the reason why Missy Elliot responded is because everybody sees and respects your grind! (Even Chrissy had to respect that!) Love the video! You stay true to your Latin culture but update it and make music ppl can shake their asses too all at the same time. I like that you make it known that a woman who is a boss calls the shots. If she wants to have fun/party or go home with a guy, it’s on her terms not his! Plus I haven’t seen Lumidee in a while!! LOVE IT!!! Keep it up, Muah!

  2. Michelle

    February 3, 2012 (15:52)

    Somaya, you truly are an inspiration!! And I’m being so honest when I say this lol I’m 26 and am so at a stand still that I just want to cry. But then I see your story, and I have been a fan since season 1 of Love and Hip Hop, and it really pushes me to keep on goin. I’ve always been a very driven person and have never had anything handed to me. I work hard for mine but sometimes I feel like that isn’t enough. Keep giving me inspiration!! And also adopt me for the day lol, I feel like I can pick up a lot from you by just hanging around for a day haha.

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