It’s been a while since i’ve worn my naturally curly hair. I get it from my mother. Her hair is really curly and full. She’s always tried to convince me to wear it. Most of my ladies feel me on this. Once you get used to straightening your hair, you realize your curly hair takes A LOT of effort. I’m not a high maintenance girl so I suppose that’s my main reason I never wear it that way. My make up artist Jonathan thought I needed a change and said “why not” try it for a change. So I tried it out. I showed up to set on the last episode of the show (episode 10 of Love And Hip Hop) and no one recognized me. I heard the executive producer yell “Where is Somaya I thought she was here” lol I was standing right next to her. It was so cute. Anyhow, after a full night of compliments on my new look I thought to myself…..hmmmmm???

So I wore it for my music video “Classy Girl” that will release in a week. Let’s see how this goes.

This is my bestie Jonathan my makeup and hair artist.


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